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Virtual reality personality profiling health issues

Research reveals Virtual Reality (VR) can Profile your Personality & create serious Health issues

” Virtual Reality (VR) can cause Balance issues, Behavioral changes, Cognitive problems, Eye problems (soreness, vision changes), Headaches & more.
Children who use VR absorb 2-5 times more Radiation than adults.
For those with privacy concerns, new research has also revealed that it can Profile your Personality :
VR is used a lot in Psychology research to investigate areas such as Social Anxiety, Moral Decision-making, Emotional responses & how people respond emotionally to a Potential Threat.
Indeed, being high up in VR provokes strong feelings of fear & anxiety…
In regard to Children’s use of VR, Kids are more vulnerable to harm from exposure to Wireless Radiation & Blue Light from Screens & other sources.
In fact, no “safe” level of Wireless Radiation has been scientifically determined for Children or Pregnant women !
Blue Light exposure has been equated with Near-sightedness, Macular Degeneration, Blindness, premature aging, Anxiety & Insomnia.
Additionally worrisome, exposure to all sources of Wireless Radiation can disrupt the Blood-Brain Barrier, cause it to leak & kill Brain Cells. ”

‘Shoot on sight’: Boston Dynamics Robot Dog spotted out on city street triggers Fear – and Defensiveness

” Video of a Boston Dynamics Spot robot dog apparently wandering a city street on its own has struck terror into the hearts of social media users.
The dog-bot turns toward the cameraperson & appears to snap a photo before walking away.
Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs have been deployed in Singapore to enforce social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic
& some US police departments have acquired their own, causing consternation among civil liberties groups.
The clip polarized social media users, many of whom were filled with horror at the sight of the seemingly autonomous metal canine. “Shoot on sight,” one said succinctly.
More than a few were reminded of the Black Mirror episode “Metalhead” – literally inspired by Boston Dynamics’ products – in which armed & extremely persistent robot dogs hunt & kill humans in a post-apocalyptic landscape.
Others more familiar with Spot’s military origins predicted the dogs would be armed & dangerous in no time. ”

The Relationship Doubts you should never ignore

” No matter who you are & how long your relationship has withstood the tests of time – you’ve confronted doubts at one point or another in your partnership.
Doubts are a natural part of the process when it comes to our romantic relationships,
but some are more threatening to our peace of mind & wellbeing than others.
When we are confronted with doubts, we have to address them & be honest about where they take their roots.
Running from our doubts leaves us nowhere but scared, broken & holding on to something that might not be quite right for us.
Though doubts are normal & come with the seasons of our relationships, some doubts are also serious red-flags that must be dealt with in order to maintain & safeguard our inner peace & long-term wellbeing.
In order to resolve our doubts we have to honestly & brutally confront them.
This doesn’t just mean confronting our partners.
It means confronting ourselves & the baggage that we’re carrying, as well as the things that we want from this life & our partnerships.
Addressing these doubts can be a transformative moment for both you & your partner.
Stop running from the questions & reach for understanding.
It’s the only way to find your way to the truth you both need to recognize.”

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