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Terminator Killer Robots

The Threat of “Killer Robots” Is Real & Closer than you think : a Battlefield of Data

Où il est prouvé que Terminator n’était pas un film de SF mais un reportage avant-gardiste …
Avant, on s’étripait entre Humains ; désormais, on fabrique des Androïdes pour s’étriper !
Le “progrès” Transhumaniste signe la Mort de l’Humanité…
Pourtant, Dieu nous avait confié le rôle de Jardiniers de sa Création.
Cà sent l’Erreur de Casting !
>>” From Self-Driving Cars, to Digital Assistants, artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming an integral technology in our lives today.
But this same technology that can help to make our day-to-day life easier is also being incorporated into weapons for use in combat situations.
Weaponised AI features heavily in the security strategies of the US, China & Russia,
which means machines could potentially make decisions to harm & kill people based on their programming, without any human intervention.
Namely, that current algorithms are not predictable &understandable to human operators.
So even if human operators supervise systems applying such algorithms when using force,
they are not able to understand how these systems have calculated targets!
Unlike machines, human decisions to use force cannot be pre-programmed.”

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