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Virtual reality personality profiling health issues

Research reveals Virtual Reality (VR) can Profile your Personality & create serious Health issues

” Virtual Reality (VR) can cause Balance issues, Behavioral changes, Cognitive problems, Eye problems (soreness, vision changes), Headaches & more.
Children who use VR absorb 2-5 times more Radiation than adults.
For those with privacy concerns, new research has also revealed that it can Profile your Personality :
VR is used a lot in Psychology research to investigate areas such as Social Anxiety, Moral Decision-making, Emotional responses & how people respond emotionally to a Potential Threat.
Indeed, being high up in VR provokes strong feelings of fear & anxiety…
In regard to Children’s use of VR, Kids are more vulnerable to harm from exposure to Wireless Radiation & Blue Light from Screens & other sources.
In fact, no “safe” level of Wireless Radiation has been scientifically determined for Children or Pregnant women !
Blue Light exposure has been equated with Near-sightedness, Macular Degeneration, Blindness, premature aging, Anxiety & Insomnia.
Additionally worrisome, exposure to all sources of Wireless Radiation can disrupt the Blood-Brain Barrier, cause it to leak & kill Brain Cells. ”

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