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Arrestation pour un post sur Facebook : à Melbourne, le Confinement vire à la vraie Dictature
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” Désormais un simple post Facebook contre le confinement peut valoir une descente de la police aux habitants de Melbourne !
Une pure dictature à la chinoise s’installe progressivement …
Certains pays n’ont plus aucune limite & les habitants sont appelés à obéir en silence ou à subir la foudre des autorités en roue libre.
Jamais la population du monde entier n’aura subi de telles privations de liberté & encore moins pour des raisons sanitaires (du moins officiellement).
Mais est-ce réellement le but de tout ceci ? ”
Rome Uropia O Morte Le Ceneri del Heliodoro

Uropia O Morte
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” The song, like the rest of the album, is inspired by Gabriele D’annunzio & his military action to conquer Fiume, to create the Free State of Fiume (1919-1920).
Italy lost a lot of lives during World War I, in which D’Annunzio fought,
but Italy’s role was dismissed when Europe gathered to assign the spoils of war.
Italy’s ownership of Fiume was not recognized because other European powers & the US imposed their will
& this created a lot of discontent in Italy, the myth of “Vittoria mutilata” – amputated victory.
This feeling is what pushed Italy towards Fascism & Germany & was later one of the main causes of WWII.
D’annunzio organized an almost suicidal mission with a group of soldiers & conquered Fiume, reigning between 1919-1920, against the will of of Europe & never being recognized by Italy :
Uropia is likely a mixed-up of Europa & Utopia, the dream of a fair Europe that never existed.
The whole album is pretty much about this : the feeling of resentment & not being represented & protected by Europe & how it can create feelings that then turn into fascism. ”
That mirrors what’s happening now in Europe. ”
Port du Masque obligatoire collectif avocat

L’Avocat du Collectif «Victimes coronavirus France» va attaquer tous les Arrêtés obligeant le Port du Masque en extérieur (+déjà une 1ère victoire en justice)
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” Fabrice Di Vizio, également avocat du collectif C-19 qui a porté plainte contre l’ancien Premier Ministre, Edouard Philippe, & l’ex-Ministre de la Santé, Agnès Buzyn, a dénoncé des mesures qui n’ont aucun sens.
Le collectif Victimes coronavirus France veut engager des procédures en justice pour savoir « si, oui ou non, le port du masque obligatoire rentre dans le cadre du principe de précaution & est proportionnel à la situation ».
Les nombreuses arrestations violentes contre des personnes ne portant pas de masques ont provoqué de virulentes critiques sur les réseaux sociaux.
Les internautes ont dénoncé l’excès de zèle chez les forces de l’ordre pour faire respecter les arrêtés rendant obligatoire le masque. ”

catacombs of paris

11 interesting facts about the Catacombs of Paris …
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” The Catacombs of Paris have been used for various purposes, but one of the strangest might be the cultivation of mushrooms.
A story suggests that the Napoleonic army hid in the catacombs & discovered that it had the perfect environment for growing mushrooms.
Several farmers followed them & started growing mushrooms amid the corpses of over 6 million people.
The said practice still exists & it is widely believed that the catacomb mushrooms have an exceptional taste.
Paris was the largest city in Europe back in the 17th century. Its cemeteries were overpopulated ; residents would complain of overpowering odours of decomposing corpses.
Hence, the Parisian authorities decided to move the corpses from the cemeteries to the Tombe-Issoire quarries.
The process of transferring all the remains took 12 years to complete !
The catacombs became a hideout for various cults back in the early 2000s.
The authorities discovered a massive cinema room equipped with a screen, equipment & a restaurant. ”
Visarute Angkatavanich Betta fish

Betta Fish imitate elegantly posed Dancers in new Portraits by Visarute Angkatavanich
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” Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich creates richly hued portraits that appear more like staged dance images than animal photography.
It is only when staring directly at the bug-eyed expressions of his subjects that one understands they are staring at a fish & not a costumed ballerina. Angkatavanich photographs domesticated Betta fish against white & black backgrounds to isolate their natural shades & present the illusion that they are moving through space. ”

The Eye of Horus & its deeply rooted Connection to Medicine, Myth & Art in Egypt
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” Egypt’s Eye of Horus represents a haunting tale of betrayal, royalty, murder & loss.
The Eye of Horus is also known as Wadjet & Udjat.
People generally associate it with healing, power & survival.
Thousands of people all over the globe still don its amulets around their necks to shield themselves from the unforeseeable evil or future.
It is believed that the eye belonged to Horus who was the son of Osiris & Isis.
He lost his eye while battling his uncle, Set.
Set started a dispute when Osiris ascended the throne & became the king of Egypt.
Set could not endure this & brutally murdered his brother.
It is said that Osiris’ wife, Isis, was pregnant with Horus when her husband was assassinated. ”