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red flags deal breakers

Deal Breakers you should never Tolerate

“There are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Know when it’s time to negotiate & when it’s time to walk away.
Sometimes, we allow people that we care for to abuse us day-in & day-out.
Why ? Because we fail to realize the depth of our needs & to prioritize them appropriately.
Stop allowing your “better half” to push you over again & again.
Even though we might love someone more than we think we love ourselves, it does not give them free rein in our lives.
We need to stick up for our boundaries & to fight for what’s right for ourselves & our future wellbeing.
They play a core role in establishing secure & equitable relationships for ourselves.
This can often mean making hard decisions & ending commitments that once gave you purpose.
We don’t wake up one day & decide to let people push us around or take advantage.
It’s a behavior that’s learned from our environment(s) & the experiences that litter the road from our childhood to our here & now.
The sooner we understand these tendencies, the sooner we can take action to protect ourselves. ”
Ending a relationship

How to tell when it’s Time to End a Relationship

” My 1st marriage ended dramatically. I kissed my ex-husband goodbye in the morning & as soon as his car was out of sight, I started packing.
I worked quickly, fearing that he would return home before I could leave.
By the time our divorce was final, I had a new life, new friends, a new apartment & a renewed sense of hope for my future – something I had lost over the years of our marriage.
The day I locked that door behind me, there was nothing but anger & hatred left in my heart for him.
I had stayed far too long at the dance & because I had not been able to cut ties earlier, what was once merely dysfunctional had become a dangerous & tricky situation.
Stealth became a necessary component of my exit strategy.
My ex-husband was emotionally, mentally, physically & sexually abusive.
He would have never just let me walk away.
During our marriage, I had drawn many lines in the sand & he had proceeded to cross every single one.
I couldn’t give up that easy. I was so ashamed of failing at my marriage that I allowed my dignity to be stripped away, one crossed line at a time.
I stayed until my hatred of him made leaving the kindest thing I could do for either of us.
And when I left, I didn’t look back. I was done.
Sometimes there is just gradual chipping away of love by one thoughtless action after another,
until one day you wake up & realize that you don’t care.
You don’t hate them. You wish them no harm.
It’s just that you don’t care if they come home or not. ”
psychological manipulation techniques

Psychological Manipulation at Home or at Work : are you being Played ?

“Do you feel something’s “off” in a key relationship ?
That you’re being controlled, pressured to do things you don’t want to do – or to do them in a certain way ?
Or you’re doubting & questioning yourself a lot more than you used to ?
Chances are someone is pulling your strings & not with good intent either !
Psychological manipulation is when Mind Games are used to control a relationship.
There’s a secondary goal, too : to undermine, confuse & bring down the targeted person.
These tactics sit at the core of Emotionally Abusive relationships & of Bullying behaviour. ”

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